Friday, July 10, 2009

JChav 1.1.2 Released

These changes have been released as part of JChav 1.1.2:
  • Fixed issue 20: support for sample and httpSample output from JMeter.
  • Fixed issue 23: support for <fileset> in the JChav Ant task.
  • Fixed issue 24: improved CSS to avoid image cropping (thank you paul.blizzard).
  • Findbugs warnings fixed.
  • log4j configuration included.
  • Tested with JMeter 2.3.4
Download: and check out the quick start guide. As a consequence of adding support for Ant's fileset, we have deprecated the "srcdir" attribute in the JChav ant task. You can migrate your Ant scripts by replacing...
<jchav srcdir="SOME_DIR" ... />
   <jchav ... >
     <fileset dir="SOME_DIR" includes="**/*.xml" />