Wednesday, October 04, 2006

JChav Ant Task Details



Generate a series of charts based upon the stored data from a series of tests. The charts show the performance over time of each page tested in the script.


Attribute Description Required
srcdir the location of the JMeter XML files to process. Yes
destdir the location to produce the html results/images. Yes
reporttitle The page title for the produced reports. No
uniformyaxis If true, all charts have the same y-axis, computed from the largest and smallest values seen in the dataset. Set to false to have each chart have it's own range. Default is true. Since 1.1.0. No


   <jchav  srcdir="${basedir}/test/results/"
       reporttitle="Digg Example Walk"

Runs the report setting the title page to be "Digg Example Walk".

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