Friday, October 20, 2006

JChav 1.1.0 Released

JChav 1.1.0 is now available, featuring:
  • The y-axis (response time) is now uniform across all charts by default. This means when you look at the summary page you're comparing like with like. This option can be controlled by the Ant option of uniformyaxis="true|false".
  • Bug fix: the max value for some tests was not set if the first value in the results was both the min and max values. This showed up as a chart with a huge y-axis scale.
  • Minor chart changes: the thumbnail graphs now do not show the (unreadable) x-axis labels, saving a bit of screen space.
  • A Maven 2 plugin has been contributed (thanks to Tim McCune for this). You will also want to check out his JMeter Maven plugin.
We're not (yet) regular Maven users, so apologies if we've messed it all up and undone Tim's good work. The instructions that seem to work for us: download the 1.1.0 ZIP release; cd into the etc folder; run mvn -f maven-jchav-plugin-pom.xml install.



[mate] said...

I would like to know what is the goal of that plugin.

I mean, I'm binding the Jchav plugin to a Maven phase, and I need to know the excecution goal.


Anonymous said...

Hi there... and apologies for the delay in spotting this comment :-( We're not big Maven users, so I'm not sure I fully understand the question. The command we run is: mvn -f pom-example.xml jchav:jchav ... hope that helps.

Martin Cleaver said...

Does this show std dev results of each of the past runs?

Thanks, Martin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin - we don't currently tract std deviation. You could perhaps create a new "issue" on this and describe what you'd be looking for.